Blogger and WordPress | A random rant

Maybe this is just one of those moments. Bloggers will relate to moments where you just need to pen down. Pen down that something. But for me blogging becomes extremely difficult when I do not know if people are listening to me. 

Thanks to Google Analytics I do know that with over 2.5 lac views on my blogger blog, people are actually coming and reading my stuff with a nice average time on site. 

Apparently people are not realising that all a blogger needs are

  1. SEO Optmized responsive blog template, 

which for people like me should also be completely customisable.

It helps if it looks like a website. I wonder who wants their WordPress based blog to look like a blog?

  1. Adding text style directly from the app. 
  2. Let’s face it. No one wants to upload pictures. I’ve just tried doing that like a zillion times right now and WordPress just won’t let me do it! People like us have severe internet issues. Adding an image from another link , ( assuming we have already obvious uploaded on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook helps in decreasing out carbon foot print and also reducing global warming, (by not using additional servers to host the same damn pic that already exists in the Internet ). Also not to forget the amazing back linking policy.

Having said that I can’t even begin to tell you how many reports I’ve read on why you should own a domain and why it should be on WordPress and not blogger. Free comes with a price. Everything free comes with a price. We do not realise that when we are using free android or I store apps. It’s all a much higher stake gamble. Of data. Of information. The information of our private lives is way more important that any money today. And in monetary terms itself it is going to be valued way more higher than any money we pay them. 

Free blogging platforms come with the same risk of suddenly losing everything you built with so much perform all these years. 

I’ve lost a Facebook fan page of 25k likes. And I know what it feels like. You are devastated.

I’ve had a major journey on Blogger. You begin from there. You learn to edit html. Because nothing else in the world lets you have control on things. You learn so many things. From a completely ignorant fool who knows how to sign in to a blogger account , to a curious little child living th sides that she can customise her colours on the template designer. And pictures. And well, fonts. And we’ll, just about everything. But back then we had PCs. These days with an iPad Air 2, (the latest), there’s barely anything that you can do. Apple and Google must be on major war zones. Which is why the blogger site won’t let you scroll within a page in a blogger platform . That is a scene where your poor Micromax phone seems to fair way better than an iPad Air 2. No kidding. What can you even imagine doing with an IPad ? Also, the podcast is not available in th iTunes version in an iPad Air 2. Even after updating the 4.9 version just won’t come and hence I can’t even upload my podcasts to iTunes. 

Where on earth are the headings? 

Why yes, I want to know. The headings, sub headings, or whatever you call them are the most beautiful thing in a post formatting that make things readable. But imagine! Imagine a world, where the apps of blogger an WordPress do not have that facility! Even the android based webpage opening makes Google double tap on everything! Completely forgetting that we own 6inch phones and we DO NOT NEED zooming in or double tapping to know what the hell we are clicking on! 

This was my idea of experimentation with WordPress. Some how more people will be inclined to comment here in WordPress than in blogger, though. Maybe blogger users are inherently lazy like me.

My major question is this:

If I have same posts here in WordPress will my exclusivity not be hampered? Won’t it become less on search engine rankings. I’m horrible at keyword Optmized posts anyways . Blogger templates anyways have the blog title at top of every post appearing in search engines. Who came with that crazy idea? 

But WordPress has a weird idea of not even letting one change the blog title and the stupid line beneath it, saying it as just another WordPress blog. Who wants to be just another? 

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Is anyone listening? If anyone’s alive, do comment. Lol


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