doveranalyst and Karhan Dev talk | A lot| Bhanwarey promotion

A quirky and insane laugh riot, is what Bhanwarey is. The story was set years ago. A time, when there wasn’t #Tinder. A time when there wasn’t #Whatsapp. A time when you had Yahoo Messenger. A time when you did ASL.  Karhan Dev, Shaurya Singh, Jashan Singh Kohli from Bhanwarey Written and Directed by Shaurya Singh Cast Manoj…

Pep talk | Monday Motivation

Looking for a pep talk to fight Monday blues? Who isn’t sad on a Monday? Me. It’s ok to fight back. It is good to know how to fix your mood no matter what. That’s when you really make the effort. #MondayMotivation #Milestogobeforeyousleep #MilesNSmiles

Best basic phones 2016

While going ahead with the serious decision of shopping for basic phones, I really lost it. Obviously, I looked at a few articles, some videos and what not. Then, I thought, (we all have those moments), “Am I seriously spending so much for a basic phone? “I mean, time and energy! Come, on.

Safe Affordable chemical free make up in India

WordPress pics are not coming very well. You may like to see the original post here. I’ve searched all combinations of possible keywords online that can lead me to safe make up gyan. And within double quotation marks. Because it is so tiring to find as you never get safe make-up. If you are in…

Types of Selfie takers and what you should know

Ok. Let me…let me break this to you. …. He went on that date by just seeing selfies. ….. Wait.What? (Laugh) Types of selfie takers The selfie trend lovers. Oh.boy…! Okkkkk…..ayyyy….Lemme…lemme break this to you. Selfies, are the best pictures in the world. They show only the best of that person. And those that don’t, get deleted.Ok….

Why we love taking selfies?

Today, D will give you the reasons why, exactly, selfie lovers take selfies. Trust me if you ever had to measure #hardwork, this might just be the one measure that measures it way too well. Nothing can beat this. This one activity is not vanity, but a measure of perseverance, self-motivation, and a drive to never give up until the results are delivered.

Excerpts from Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn

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This is why you should read the book. Just for it’s sheer shock value. But if you haven’t,  here’s what you are missing out on. ? NICK DUNNE NINE WEEKS AFTER THE RETURN My father finally died. At night, in his sleep. A woman spooned his last meal into his mouth, a…

Blogger and Wordpress | A random rant

Maybe this is just one of those moments. Bloggers will relate to moments where you just need to pen down. Pen down that something. But for me blogging becomes extremely difficult when I do not know if people are listening to me.  Thanks to Google Analytics I do know that with over 2.5 lac views…

Love before 1st sight

Now all of us have heard about love AT first sight but love even before that first sight is the trend thats catching on…… Many say that love at first sight is all about desire and ego ,(i guess most of you would have heard about that study….)but then ,this love before first sight has…